In 1979 Kafi Biermann founded the “Kölner Bewegungstheater Mobilé” at the German Sports University Cologne, which was just called „Die Mobilés“ shortly afterwards. Kafi Biermann the founding father, who was professor at the Spoho (German Sport University Cologne) at that time and later the “Bläck Fööss” lead singer had a vision. It was only to be fulfilled with lots of creativity, team spirit and passion. Over the years Die Mobilés played their way into the peoples hearts. Through their appearences on „Aktuelles Sportstudio ZDF“ and on „Wetten, dass..?“ they landed shows in front of millions of viewers. Many other appearences on television and at international events pushed their success over the years.

Besides their theatre shows in the cultural context, the artists from Cologne also produce tailor-made shows worldwide for the past 35 years.