The creative minds behind “Die Mobilés” are Harald Fuß, Michaela Köhler-Schaer and Stefan Südkamp. As committed theatre people we have been producing full evening theatre productions, business theatre and scenography since the 80’s, which have been awarded several times (Moving Shadors, BeWeGung, Drunter & Drüber, Ein Tag wie du und ich, Bilder einer Kirmes.)

On top of that we produce in fields like BtoB business theater, show production, team building and scenography. All three of us appear or have appeared as actors or artistes on stage and present the subjects as designers, authors and producers professionally and with passion.

Mobilé’s active performers are experienced professionals from every conceivable genre – actors, artists, opera singers, dancers and cabaret artistes. Our artistic diversity is without compare and for our core team who work on the concepts it is a never ending repertoire for tailored concepts. These are emotionally involving humorous, positive and enduring in Mobilé’s entirely original style. Our philosophy is to thrill, entertain and move people. So that you can be astonished and laugh. So that you can think about your behaviour and change your perspective. Our aim is to stimulate the picture show in your head with effective forms of communication. We put all our energy into our work every day so as to make a lasting positive impression.