Mobilé teambuilding creates a permanent sense of identity.

We motivate people to work together and encourage the individual by intelligent action and creative challenge.

Even Aristotle knew: The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This also applies to the social unit of a workforce, crew or team. If you want to engage and exploit the creative and communicative potential of every individual employee, Mobilé tackles all your issues concerning teambuilding with the required sure instinct and presents them in an intelligent, entertaining and challenging manner. Professional producers, supervisors and seminar facilitators work with passion with your team to arouse passion. In this way you encourage your team to work together.

Commitment to the group leads via a creative process to a rewarding result. Experience motivating teambuilding in extraordinary productions and presentations. Or put on your own show! Together we create a stage performance that is precisely tailored to your occasion, your subjects and your company. By providing training in basic theatrical techniques we activate the creative potential of your team. We reflect your subjects and bring them to life playfully and with the aid of improvisation, acrobatics, song, music, speech and body language. Another variant is a film you shoot yourself. Under our direction your employees create a short professional and innovative film or advertisement. The atmosphere and experience on the film set are new and exciting experiences. Whether it’s theatre or film we create space for latent talent to develop and we encourage it to outgrow itself. An expanded range of forms of presentation, team thinking and identification with your company are the results.

    • Cooperation is always difficult if people are indifferent to the happiness of their fellow man.

      - Dalai Lama -

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