The Mobilés’ shadow theatre tells enchanting stories with figurative force – the highlight for your event!

Let the enthralling play with shapes carry you away to a wondrous world.

Shadow theatre. Shadow dance. Shadow play. There are many terms for this genre. But none of them do justice to the spectacular and intoxicating “Moving Shadows” shadow show, directed by Harald Fuß. The Mobilés use astonishing precision and amazing dexterity to create charming and inventive stories from the magically poetic to the enchantingly comic. The mystical shadow play of the “Moving Shadows” carries you away to a fantastic world. Bodies melt artistically and become objects, animals, plants and then people again. Supported by captivating music, a spellbinding round of images is created that rouses associations and emotions. A play with light and shadow.

Shadow play has existed since the dawn of man. Plato described it over 2,000 years ago in his allegory of the cave. And the Chinese version with moving figures behind a transparent screen is thousands of years old. In films, playing with light and shadow serves to build tension, for instance, in “Nosferatu” in 1922. The Bond film intros show a more recent form. By skilful position changes relative to the light source, the gracefully moving women become so small that they look like they could gyrate on the head of a pin. Children particularly enjoy the hand shadow theatre where the hands alone form the figures.

The combination of all these forms with an extra helping of creativity results in our modern shadow theatre. Immerse yourself in our magical shadow world and enjoy a top-class show!

Our feature-length theatre programme “Moving Shadows” will leave your guests with a lasting impression. If you wish, we can tailor our shadow play precisely to suit your event. Just talk our creative team: Harald Fuß, Michaela Köhler-Schaer and Stefan Südkamp.


Winner of “Supertalent” in France

Creativity prize at the world’s biggest comedy festival in Montreal

Audience prize in Montreal with “Juste pour rire”

    • “…I can only say, from the bottom of my heart, “Bravissimo!” – nobody who was there will forget your grandiose performance”

      - Sal Oppenheim -

    • “… you have provided the audience with a unique experience. The feedback is overwhelming. We still get goose bumps when we think back to your performance.”

      - WELEDA -

    • “…We heard nothing but very, very enthusiastic feedback about your great act!”

      - The Next Step -

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