The Mobilés’ shadow theatre tells enchanting stories with figurative force – the highlight for your event!

Let the enthralling play with shapes carry you away to a wondrous world.

We’ll bring your event to the stage. Highly professional, emotional and spectacular. Perfectly made for your fair, your show and your incentive events. We create charming and inventive stories - from magically poetic to adorably funny - with a precision and ease that will blow your minds.
Our mysterious shadow play „Moving Shadows“ will take you to a fantastic new world. Our bodies collide and form completely new landscapes, machines, impressive buildings, singing animals and part as bodies again. Supported by amazing music catching pictures arise that wake unknown associations and emotions. It’s a play with light and shadow. Challenge us! You want your event to be remembered? We’ll make sure of it - it’s a promise!

    • “…I can only say, from the bottom of my heart, “Bravissimo!” – nobody who was there will forget your grandiose performance”

      - Sal Oppenheim -

    • “… you have provided the audience with a unique experience. The feedback is overwhelming. We still get goose bumps when we think back to your performance.”

      - WELEDA -

    • “…We heard nothing but very, very enthusiastic feedback about your great act!”

      - The Next Step -

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