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Moving Shadows - Our new programme

Moving Shadows - the shadow play that outshines everything! Lights out - spot on!
Die Mobiles gained world wide fame ever since they won the Frenchs got Talent. They really caught the audiences attention with their Programme Moving Shadows and won two prices at the worlds biggest comedy festival “Juste pour rire” in Montreal.
And now they stacked up. Their new shadow play continues right where the last ended. It’s even more poetic, creative and mind blowing - it catches the audience from the beginning straight till the freeing applause at the end. It’s an incredible combination of ease and precision, poetry and comedy, dance and acrobatics. Let the shadows play and you’ll be amazed by how colorful life can be in black and white.

Behind the scenes

35 days of practice without daylight, 7 committed artists, 2 choreographing directors, 1 pioneer, 285 discussions but no fights, 217 laughing cramps but only 2 spilled tears, 19 smashed knee pads, 483 bruises, 16 sprained fingers, 25 broken toes but no doctors, 700 amazing ideas, 356 still not good enough, 1,5 kilometers of tape, 12 Laptop break downs, 7 bursted lamps, 12 sleepless nights in the last weeks of practicing. ... it took nothing more to bring this play to stage!

Direction and choreographies by Michaels Köhler-Schaer and Stefan Südkamp.