The Mobilés delight with their award-winning shadow theatre “Moving Shadows”

The masterful play of shapes takes you into a wondrous world and hits you right in the heart.
Booking: Magnetic Musik

Eight people, a screen, plus light and music, that’s all that is needed for a delightful trip around the world and through Hollywood’s fantasy world. Using filigree images, reminiscent of the most delicate silhouettes, the artists, dancers and pantomimes captivate their audience. With astonishing precision and baffling ease “The Mobilés” create a poetic series of images from flowing bodies, swirling vivaciously into the light and disappearing again into the secretive depths of space. Behind the screen, their bodies melt into landscapes, animals and buildings, in front, their shadows enrapture their audience.

After the RTL Supertalent semi-finals in Germany, “Die Mobilés” became the well-deserved winners of “SUPERTALENTES” in France.

At the world’s largest comedy festival “Juste pour rire” in Montreal, they not only enthralled the live audience and the TV audience, but also the jury. They won two out of six prizes, the “Creativity prize” and “Winner of the hearts”. No other group has accomplished this feat in the 30-year history of this festival.

Director: Harald Fuß

Booking: Magnetic Music
Burkhardt + Weber-Str. 69/1
72760 Reutlingen
Tel.: 07121/478605
Fax: 07121/478606

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Winner “Supertalent” in France

Creativity prize at the world’s biggest comedy festival in Montreal

Audience prize in Montreal at “Juste pour rire”

    • “Spectacular, intoxicating and breathtaking”

      - Bonner Generalanzeiger -

    • “Complete harmony of bodies”

      - Kölnische Rundschau -

    • “Show in a class of its own”

      - Wieslocher Woche -

    • “Applause for the breathtaking performance”

      - WAZ -

    • A sparkling triumph, a sensual orgy for the eyes. Irresistible!”

      - BGA -

    • “A complete success in a sold-out performance”

      - Goslarsche Zeitung -

    • “Momentous shadow theatre”

      - Südwest Presse -

    • “Got me right in the heart”

      - MainPost -

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